Famous Mahjong Game in Hong Kong

The most famous Mahjong game in Hong Kong is still ‘Pop’ Mee. It has been there since the 1960s, where it was invented by an Australian who has now been adopted as the most famous game.

As an addict of Mahjong, I have learned a lot of strategies to get ahead on the game, especially when I play as much as possible. It helps to know a few tips on how to win the game.

In Mahjong a player is allowed two moves before they can start another move, this is known as the ‘Risk’ rule. If you plan on playing long term in Mahjong, then make sure you allow a maximum of five moves before starting a new move.

This rule is used because players don’t want to waste too much time playing the game. If they can do five moves in any row, they will have more time to try and reach that next rank.

For those that are still learning the game in Mahjong learning the Risk rule can help them become better players as they build their ranking and can progress to later levels more quickly.

By building up your risk rule you will be able to take risks with your tiles. This is something I often used when I was new to the game.

I would move my pieces onto a tile that I knew I could win, but could also easily fall. I would then use these risks to help me win more tiles and eventually reach higher ranks. If you have a set of rules and a strategy to follow, and then you should be good to go.